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Presentation folder templates

Templates are available in EPS and PDF format. Certain styles, namely DC902, DC102, and DC202, are available in three different spine widths. When selecting these templates be sure to choose the files corresponding to the appropriate spine width.

Presentation Folders
Part NumberThumbnail Templates
DC100DC100 PDF for DC100 - EPS for DC100
DC103DC103PDF for DC103 - EPS for DC103
DC157DC157PDF for DC157 - EPS for DC157
DC193DC193PDF for DC193 - EPS for DC193
DC197DC197PDF for DC197 - EPS for DC197
DC200DC200PDF for DC200 - EPS for DC200
DC204DC204PDF for DC204 - EPS for DC204
DC217DC217PDF for DC217 - EPS for DC217
DC90 DC217 PDF for DC90 - EPS for DC90
DC902 DC202
DC904 DC217 PDF for DC904 - EPS for DC904
DC906 DC217 PDF for DC906 - EPS for DC906
DC956 DC217 PDF for DC956 - EPS for DC956
DC957 DC217 PDF for DC957 - EPS for DC957