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Proofs let you preview a design before ordering. We offer four different types of proofs.

Email proofs: free

This option provides a solid representation of what your design will look like when printed. Keep in mind, monitors do not display colors perfectly. Fax and Email Proofs

Digital color proof: $30.00 (net)

We use a high resolution inkjet printer that is calibrated to match colors as they will appear when printed. Digital color proofs are highly recommended if you’re client needs process printing. They’re useful if your concerned about exactly matching PMS colors too.Digital Color Proof and Finish Bag

Digital press proof: $50.00 (net), printed one side

Let your customers see the final product before they buy. We’ll manufacture five completed bags using your artwork. Bag style and size will be at our discretion based on what the press is running. You choose the bag style desired when your final order is placed. Two sided digital press proof: $100 (G). Only available for digitally printed bags.Digital Proofs

Press proof: $200.00 (net) plus artwork & plate costs

We print your design using the same machine we will use to manufacture your order. If you see any issues with the printing we’ll revise the proof until you’re happy with it. Once you give final approval we guarantee the accepted proof will be matched.Press Proof and Finished Bag