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Stock ink colors for plastic products

These stock inks are available at no extra charge. These colors are simulations of Pantone colors. Actual colors may vary.

PMS 286 Blue
Blue PMS 286 C
PMS 281 Navy Blue
Navy Blue PMS 281 C
Reflex Blue
Reflex Blue C
Process Blue
Process Blue C
Cyan Blue
Cyan Blue C
PMS 311 Light Blue
Light Blue PMS 311 C
PMS 314 Turquoise
Turquoise PMS 314 C
PMS 3272 Teal
Teal PMS 3272 C
PMS 348 Green
Green PMS 348 C
PMS 354 Kelly Green
Kelly Green PMS 354 C
PMS 341 Forest Green
Forest Green PMS 341 C
PMS 375 Lime Green
Lime Green PMS 375 C
Pantone Yellow
Pantone Yellow C
PMS 137 Citrus Orange
Citrus Orange PMS 137 C
PMS 165 Orange
Orange PMS 165 C
PMS 485 Red
Red PMS 485 C
PMS 185 Red
Red PMS 185 C
PMS 200 Cherry Red
Cherry Red PMS 200 C
PMS 221 Burgundy
Burgundy PMS 221 C
PMS 208 Burgundy
Burgundy PMS 208 C
Rubine Red
Rubine Red C
Process Magenta
Process Magenta C
PMS 218 Pink
Pink PMS 218 C
Pantone Purple
Pantone Purple C
PMS 266 Purple
Purple PMS 266 C
PMS 4705 Brown
Brown PMS 4705 C
PMS 422 Grey
Grey PMS 422 C
Black C
PMS 877 Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver PMS 877 C
PMS 874 Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold PMS 874 C