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Co-extruded plastic

two separate films that are bonded together during the extrusion process. Co-extruded material is durable and helps to resist wear, punctures, and tearing.

Cotton drawstring bag:

a bag type with a white cotton cord closure on the top of the bag.


an acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The four colors used for process printing.


the brand name for the plate material used for flexographic printing.


a tool used to cut paper sheets into individual designs. Each style of paper product requires a specific die.

Die charge:

the charge for a new die that must be made to produce a custom presentation product style.

Digital color proof:

a proof that is calibrated to approximately match the actual color reproduction on a printing press.

Doorknob bag:

a bag with a 2-inch die-cut hole for its handle. The hole size is ideal for hanging on a doorknob.

Double wall bag:

a bag made out of two layers of plastic film. The outer layer is usually clear.


the process used to produce rolls of plastic film from plastic pellets.


a printing method used to print on plastic.

Foil stamping:

a process for applying foil to a substrate.

Frosted shopping bag:

a bag with a rectangular bottom and a cardboard insert reinforcing the bottom. Made from high-density plastic.

Full bleed printing:

printing with 100% ink coverage. A product’s surface is completely covered with ink.


refers to plastic thickness. This is gauged in mil, where one mil equals .0001 inches or .0254 millimeters.

Grab bag:

a bag with a die-cut handle.


a fold in the side or bottom of a bag.

High density polyethylene:

a type of plastic with a rigid texture. It is commonly used to manufacture grocery bags.


a plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a substrate for protection or appearance.

Line artwork:

solid black and white artwork with out any shading.


a printing method we use to print on paper. Also referred to as offset printing.


a bag used that is commonly used for trash disposal.

Low-density polyethylene:

a type of plastic with a soft texture. Most promotional bags are made of low-density polyethylene.


an abbreviation for a quantity of 1000 units.

Mechanical artwork:

hard copy artwork that is designed to specifications.

Metallic bag:

a plastic bag with a silver metallic finish.


a standard measurement used to gauge the thickness of plastic film. One mil equals .0001 inches or .0254 millimeters.

Molded handle bag:

a bag with a rigid plastic handle that snaps together.

Non-woven bag:

a soft textured bag with a look and feel similar to cloth. Made from polypropylene.


apitional product made beyond the specified quantity.

Paper stock:

refers to the type of paper.

Patch handle bag:

a bag with a clear strip of plastic bonded to the inside of a die-cut handle. The patch reinforces the strength of the handle.

Pearlescent plastic:

A form of low-density plastic that is made with an apitive to give it pearl-like appearance.


the printing plate used to place ink on a substrate. Different types of plates are used depending on the printing process.

Plate charge:

a charge for plate material.


an abbreviation for Pantone Matching System – a system for classifying spot colors.


the most common form of plastic. Plastic bags are typically made of either high or low-density polyethylene.


a type of plastic used to manufacture non-woven bags.


printing that is done after the product is converted.

Press proof:

a proof created on a printing press.

Process printing:

a printing method used to reproduce a vast color spectrum with photographic clarity.

Promotional products:

items featuring custom-printed advertising messages typically given freely without condition of purchase.


the alignment of printing plates as they place ink on a substrate.

Scatter bag:

a bag with small repeating design scattered across the bag.

Screen printing:

a printing method where ink is forced through a screen and stencil onto a substrate.

Soft loop handle bags:

a bag with a flexible soft strap handle. The handle is made of high density plastic.

Spot color printing:

printing with solid colors, usually from the Pantone Matching System.

Stock design:

existing designs that are available for use without plate charges.

Take home bag:

a bag with the top folded over to help reinforce the handle.

Tall tube bag:

a long slim plastic bag with a die-cut handle.


a slight overlapping area where two colors meet. Traps ensure that slight errors with print registration do not show up as white gaps on the printed product.

T-shirt bag:

a plastic bag whose appearance resembles a t-shirt.

Vector artwork:

artwork that uses a mathematical language to describe the individual components of an image.


a slight white gap between two colors.