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Advice on Selling Litterbags

The litterbag was our first major product success and established Noteworthy in the promotional products industry. Since then, we shipped over 1 billion litterbags, and we continue to sell millions more every year. There are several reasons for the litterbag’s success:

Litterbags are appealing to many marketplaces. These include:

To help you get started, we offer:

And remember, the two best opportunities to market litterbags are Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup (March to May) and Earth Day (April 22nd).

Case studies

Customer: car wash
Product: coupon litterbag
Use: Each car wash customer was given a coupon litterbag with a free goods coupon for a local fast food chain. This promotion encouraged drivers to use the car wash and was a great way to track repeat business. The campaign gave recognition to both the car wash and the fast food chain.
Customer: Real estate agent
Product: Doorknob litterbag
Use: The bags were used as a literature-holder for an open house.
Customer: dentist
Product: litterbags, coloring books, and crayons
Use: A distributor targeted dentists with a direct mail campaign offering a combination of litterbags, coloring books, and crayons all with dental awareness themes.
Customer: automobile dealership
Product: litterbags
Use: Litterbags were used to package paperwork for automobile purchases and as a parts bag for the service department. Sales staff also gave prospective customers litterbags for goodwill and name recognition.
Customer: verterinary hospital
Product: litterbag
Use: Used as packaging for pet care products and medication. The bag was printed with the vet’s name, location, house, and services.