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Artwork guidelines

We accept all file types

Our most important artwork guideline is simple: we accept anything you send us. 98% of the time we will be able to use whatever you send us. If necessary, we rebuild your artwork from scratch and without charge. Just keep in mind, your order may be delayed if you deviate from the guidelines explained below.

Vector artwork is always preferred

Vector images are scalable. This means we can resize them without a loss in quality. If we need to make your artwork larger or smaller to fit the imprint area it will not become pixelated or blurry.

Vector images scale because they use mathematical equations to represent images on your computer screen. Scalability is the main advantage vector images possess over bitmapped images (also known as raster images). Bitmaps are represented by rectangular grids or pixels. When you increase the size of a bitmap there is a loss of quality because you’re enlarging the pixels.

Higher resolution is always better

If you’re not using vector artwork then higher resolution equals higher quality. Photographic images are always bitmaps; we recommend photographic images be 300 dpi or higher. If your illustrations or graphical designs are saved as bitmaps then we recommend they are 600 dpi or higher.

Convert your fonts to outlines

If we do not have the exact font you used then your text will “default” to a less attractive font. You eliminate this concern by converting your fonts to outlines. Converting your fonts to outlines turns them into images rather than text. This ensures that your artwork will print exactly how you expect it to look.

If you do not convert your fonts to outlines, be sure to send us all fonts used. We maintain a large library of fonts, but it’s possible we do not have yours.

Avoid fonts smaller than 10 point

We recommend avoiding small fonts because they’re difficult to print and may appear pixelated when printed on the product.

Specify your desired imprint size

Your artwork will be made to fit the maximum imprint size unless otherwise specified.

Submitting artwork:

We accept artwork by email. Emailed artwork must be less than 20mb. Please include the following information with your artwork: