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Code of Conduct

Noteworthy is committed to handling business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Our company follows regional, national, and international regulations along with industry standards related to manufacturing and employment practices.

We aim to be an exceptional company and make decisions that are in the best interests of our customers, employees, community and the environment. To achieve this we follow a Code of Conduct and conform to the following standards:

Fairness in the workplace.

Noteworthy adheres to all labor laws including, but not limited to: child labor, forced labor, harassment and discrimination.

Safety in the workplace.

We are voluntarily audited annually by OSHA and quarterly by independent workplace safety consultants. We compare our safety record against national benchmarks, which we always exceed.

Fair wages.

We exceed national standards regarding compensation for all positions within our organization.

Eco-friendly offices.

We continually look for opportunities to use technology to reduce our consumption of paper and office supplies. Additionally, we recycle office supplies including paper, printer ink, bottles, and cans. Our recycling committee meets monthly to identify and act on means to improve.

Eco-friendly manufacturing.

We use eco-friendly materials including recycled plastic & paper and water & soy-based inks. All production scrap is recycled. We also invest heavily to reduce energy consumption by installing high-efficiency motors & lighting and we ensure all buildings are thoroughly insulated.

Proposition 65 & product safety.

We evaluate our products against state & federal safety standards and comply with all laws and regulations regarding product. The material composition of our products meets the legal guidelines of California’s Proposition 65.

American made products.

Noteworthy manufactures more than 90% of its products domestically. Nearly all of our supplies & materials are purchased from American firms. We constantly look for innovative ways to manufacture products in the United States.

Supporting our community.

We encourage our people to help our community by providing annual volunteer service awards. We also help preserve local history through the Noteworthy Indian Museum and the Noteworthy Christmas Center provides a venue for our entire community to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

If you have questions about our Code of Conduct, do not hesitate to contact us.